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OG Kush Terpenes

OG Kush Terpenes are extremely popular. The following characteristics and sensations are noted by users when describing this blend of terpenes.

Chacteristics: earthy pine provides woody undertones with a sour lemon scent

The awesome aroma of OG Kush may inspire motivation, drive, attention and a sensation of improved focus

OG Kush a backbone strain in the industry Truly Deserving of the OG

Natural, Food Grade Terpenes


OG Kush Terpenes History

OG Kush is the result of a Northern California crossing Hindu Kush from Amsterdam in the 90’s. This prolific strain can be found in many of today’s hybrids and is considered a genetic pillar of many strains. Terps USA uses food grade terpenes to re-create the unmatched essence, aroma and properties of this truly OG strain.

Uses for OG Kush Terpenes

  • OG Kush terpenes are great way to add flavor and aroma to all type of oils, herbal extractions and resins.
  • Add OG Kush Terpenes to concentrates, resins and herbal extractions to aid in liquifying. 
  • OG Kush Terpenes can be used in essential oils  and candles used in aromatherapy.
  • Revitalize Flower and Herbal Blends with OG Kush Terps
  • Add that special OG Kush touch to your juices and cocktails

Recommended Amount / Ratio of OG Kush Terpenes to add to your product

We recommend adding one or two drops of OG Kush Terpenes per gram to your extracts and concentrates. Terps USA has found that a 5 percent or 1 part in 20 works best. We recommend this as a starting guide. You may wish to increase or decrease the amount based on your personal taste preference. For best results gently heat extract and mix well.

A ratio one drop of OG Kush Terpenes per gram and mix well. We recommend this as a starting guide. You may wish to increase or decrease the amount based on your personal taste preference.

Revitalize flower and or herbal potpourri by adding one or two drops of OG Kush terps to a clean paper towel. Place towel in a sealed container with three to seven grams of flowers / herbal blend. Place in a cool, dry place for twenty-four hours. The terpenes should revitalize and add a OG Kush characteristic to your product!

Start with 1 drop and flavor to taste when adding OG Kush Terpenes to your favorite juices, fruit drinks and cocktails.

Add a few drops of pure terpenes to your recipes. Depending on the profile, start at 1% concentration and work up to taste.

Add pure terpenes to your candles! Use up to 10% terpene concentration and add to cooled but liquid wax.

Mixing OG Kush Terpenes

Terps USA provides highly a concentrated OG Kush terpene blend. This terpene blend is volatile and flammable. Please take safety precautions for your own health and the quality of your mixtures when mixing and blending Terps USA OG Kush Terpenes to your products.

Wear eye protection and rubber gloves

Use precise measurements and clearly track your mixtures

Do not smoke, have open flames, or significant heat sources nearby

Always work in a well-ventilated area

Have a clearly marked eye wash station and fire extinguisher within sight of the working area

Terps USA OG Kush Terpenes include the following terpenes: Bisabolol, b-Caryophyllene, Terpinolene, d-Limonene, Myrcene, a-Pinene, Humulene, , b-Pinene, Linalool,