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Are Terps USA products derived from cannabis or hemp?

No. None of our products are derived from cannabis or hemp. We use the highest grade food grade Terpenes in our products.

Are your terpenes natural?

All our terpenes are derived from natural plants

How can I use your terpenes?

  • Terpenes are great way to add flavor and aroma to all type of oils, herbal extractions and resins.
  • Add terpenes to concentrates, resins and herbal extractions to aid in liquifying for use in cartridges, tanks, and pods.
  • Terpenes may be added to flavor and enhance aroma and effects to all types of PG, PEG, VG and MCT based e-liquids
  • Terpenes can be used in essential oil and candles used in aromatherapy.
  • Revitalize Flower and Herbal Blends with Terpenes
  • Add that special touch to your juices and cocktails

Do you offer Terpene mixing ratio’s and usage directions?

Please review our Directions and Mixing Calculator on the website

Do you offer Terpene based diluent and thickener?

Yes please see our Diluent and Maximizer (thickener) product pages

Do you ship to every State in the US.

Currently we ship to all States. International shipping is not available at this time.
All items ship USPS First Class Mail at a Flat Rate of $4.99

Terps USA Contact Info

Phone : 303-351-2710