Flavor Burst Directions


Add a drop of flavor boost to your bottle of Terps USA liquidizer to create great new flavors!

Just a drop of Banana Flavor Burst to a 15ml bottle of Strawberry Cough Liquidizer gives you an awesome Straw-Nana Cough.

Add a drop of Sour Diesel Flavor Burst to a bottle of Blueberry Liquidizer for Sour Blue Diesel.

Create an Extreme Pineapple Express with a drop of Pineapple Express Flavor Burst added to a bottle of Pineapple Express Liquidizer.

The possibilities are endless!

Mixing with Concentrates

Beware adding just a drop of Flavor Burst to when mixing your concentrate brings a super amplified flavor. Add a drop of Flavor burst when using our Original Liquidizer and create powerful tasty products.

Our liquidizers are designed to give a nice subtle taste of flavor. The flavor burst method is NOT Subtle! If you love BIG BOLD Flavors this is the methos for you!

Spray Terpenes

Do you need a big boost for product that really needs help? Our Terpene Sprays are designed to promote a more pleasing aroma to your product. Add a drop of Flavor Boost your Terpene Spray for a more pungent strong aroma….. create exotic spray effects like Blueberry Gelato. Your imagination is the only limit!