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Terpenes are a catch phrase in society and many people believe they are something new on the scene. Terpenes have been around since… well since there have been plants on the earth. A few animals or insects have terpenes, but the majority of all terpenes are found in plants.

The job of the terpene is one of great importance. These molecules are found coupled in different types of specific strands or combinations. The job of these terpenes is to enhance the chances the plant and its species survives.

A large task for some small molecules and maybe that is why we are finding such remarkable properties in them. In most plants the combinations of these terpene molecules provide a scent that attracts insects, birds and other species that can help spread the pollen of the plant. A few combinations of terpenes can produce a smell which repels birds or other plant-based predators like rabbits etc… from eating the plant.

We now know that terpenes are molecules that come from plants. One of the largest uses of terpenes you may be familiar have been those found in common cleaners. Every wonder why Pine Sol smells so much like real pine? How about those orange and lemon-based cleaners? Terpenes are the answer.

The range of use of terpenes varies greatly. Have you ever heard of aromatherapy? This is the effect different smells have on the nervous system. When you think of Oranges do you get a strong association of sunny bright days. Yes, oranges do grow in sunny areas however the smell associated with them does seem to brighten people up.

A terpene is a molecule. We can find the same terpene molecule in many plants. It is the strand of terpenes that are found with them and the combination that gives a plant a distinct smell. An excellent example of how a terpene can have different smells is pinene.

The terpene pinene is found in Basil, Rosemary, Dill, Orange Peels, and Parsley. All of these plants have very different smells and flavors. The importance of this is the root of how Terps USA uses food-based terpenes to make strain specific terpene blends. It is the combination of terpene molecules that creates flavors and smells.

The molecule pinene is found in all the herbs and orange peels mentioned above. The molecule pinene that is removed from the orange peel is exactly the same as the molecule pinene that is removed from the basil. Two plants with such vast difference in smell and taste contain the exact same molecule.

Terps USA takes tremendous pride in providing terpene molecules that have been combined to demanding specifications to re-create the smells and flavors of plants that are not as plentiful as oranges and other sources for terpenes. Using today’s technology to combine these molecules to re-create the smells and flavors hard to find and expensive herbs allows Terps USA to provide the highest quality terpene products at an affordable price.

The use of food grade terpenes compared to the extraction of the natural terpenes found in less plentiful plants provides the same molecules using a different process. Terps USA uses the highest quality terpenes to create great tasting strain specific terpenes for your enjoyment.