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What is a Liquidizer? The name implies the job of the product. A substance that turns solids into liquids. This could mean a physical force such as heating a solid into a melted liquid, a pulverization that creates a liquid or what is most common a liquid solvent that effects solid material by turning it into liquid.

Good Liquidizer should have a few simple principles and characteristics.

Liquidizer should be easy to use.

Liquidizes the product into a stable mixture that does not separate.

The end product should be a quality liquid.

The most common liquidizer in the world is water. This can be seen in everyday items such as tea and coffee. The addition of water to flour, and foods creates soups and breads. However, water does not have the characteristics to make it a good solvent or to liquidize for everything.

The term liquidizer today is generally used when speaking of a liquid solvent that will turn solid plant extracts and concentrates into a liquid. These concentrates and extracts are often sticky and gooey. They may also be hard and sticky. For those looking to turn plant extracts into liquid liquidizers are the optimal solution.

Terps USA has created a liquidizer that is easy to use, ensures your concentrates will not separate and provides you with a high-quality end product. The current Terps USA 710 Liquidizer product line features 6 liquidizers that are supplemented with terpene strains. Each strain provides a unique aroma and flavor this may lead to entourage effect of the final product.

The Terps USA Liquidizers are extremely easy to use. Many of our customers prefer warming the liquidizer and adding to the extracts and mixing until they achieve the desired viscosity. We do not recommend heating our products over 160f. The combination of heat and mixing (friction) breaks down the concentrates in a very quick and easy manner.

Our Line of Terpene Liquidizers which include:

Sour Diesel



Girl Scout Cookies

OG Kush

These terpene liquidizers break down concentrates and extracts even faster and easier than our Original Flavorless Liquidizer.

This is since terpenes are an extraordinarily strong solvent. The solvent property of our highest quality terpenes combined with the strain specific aroma and great flavor have gained the attention of the industry as the premier liquidizer on the market today.

One of the advantages over terpene liquidizer vs straight terpenes is that often when using straight terpenes to achieve the desired viscosity the amount of terpenes added can become overbearingly powerful. Many of us like lemon in our tea or a lemon lime flavored soda but few of us enjoy sucking on a lemon.

The ratio of terpenes to our world class flavorless liquidizer is designed to give you great flavor through a good range of viscosities when you liquidize your concentrates. The viscosity you use is a very personal decision. Pizza’s come with several styles of crust because we all have different taste and preferences.

Our Terps USA Original (Flavorless) liquidizer is designed for those who enjoy the straight flavor of the plant extract with no enhanced flavor. Many of our clients also like to develop their own Terpene Liquidizer using our Original flavor as the base. You can get 1ml of Terps USA Pineapple Express terpenes and a bottle of original and create your own Pineapple Express terpene liquidizer.

We do have many customers who prefer to use terpenes combined with diluents and thickener to achieve their handcrafted one-of-a-kind products. To learn more about diluents make sure and check out all of our Terps USA Diluents.