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Blueberry Liquidizer - Terps USA Flavored Liquidizer

Blueberry Liquidizer - Terps USA Flavored Liquidizer

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Blueberry Flavor Burst 1ml

We've created the purest, highest quality products for your extracts, distillates, and concentrates. Our proprietary formulas aren't available anywhere else.
The perfect solution to thinning your concentrates.
The Highest Quality Natural Flavors are blended with World Class Liquidizer to create the best Blueberry Flavored Liquidizer on the market today.
Shopping for quality flavorful wax liquidizer has never been easier. You can rest assured all products that carry the Terps USA name on them are made with the highest quality ingredients.
There are many liquidizers on the market today. Terps USA creates their flavored liquidizers based on request from our customers. Let us know if there is a flavor you would like.
Terps USA Inc. has spent countless hours dedicated to creating the best diluent and thickener on the market. Not only do we provide the highest quality product we do our best to make all our products affordable.
Thank you for stopping to shop with us at Terps USA
Includes one 3ml Flat Tip Syringe
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