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Thickener / Maximizer

Thickener / Maximizer

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Terps USA Maximizer (Thickener)

Now you can control the thickness of your products with natural, food grade, nearly flavorless Maximizer: High Viscosity Terpene Diluent! Oil soluble, provides incredible control of terpenes and characteristics of your essential oil blended products.

This proprietary High Viscosity Diluent is the answer to liquefying your winterized products and isolates. Keep a good density to your products the easy way.

Terps USA High Viscosity Terpene Diluent allows you to control product thickness without losing control of product flavor. Convert your viscous, winterized products into room temperature oils while maintaining flavor and proerties.

Convert your viscous, winterized products into room temp free-flowing oil with minimal effect to color, flavor, or aroma. Works with winterized products from alcohol, supercritical CO2 extraction systems and hydrocarbon, without separating.

Use of Terps USA Terpene Diluent with unwinterized products is not recommended due to varying amounts oil insoluble lipids and waxes in the products.

The high saturation points, our diluent completely dissolves and prevents crystallization of winterized products and isolates when saturation points are not exceeded.

We recommend use on winterized products only.

We suggest starting application rate for use with non-crystallized winterized products is 5-10% (w/w) of the product’s mass. For crystallized winterized products, when used with terpene blends, suggested use rate is upwards of 15-20% to prevent re-crystallization (small scale in-house R&D testing is strongly suggested). Providing dilution without thinning, unlike other commercially available diluents that will thin out products. Specific recommendations can be found in our Terpene Mixing Calculator page.

Completely dissolves upwards of 40% product isolate per gram of diluent – allowing for easy combination with winterized products to achieve specific ratios.




Color: Clear
Odor: Floral aroma
Taste: Faint floral flavor
Consistency: Liquid
Purity: 100%
Boiling point: >200ºC
Flash point: >93.3ºC
Specific Gravity: ≈0.887
Formula: Proprietary
Solubility: Insoluble in water; soluble in most natural oils, resins, and non-polar organic solvents


Do not freeze. If the product is cold when it is received in allow it warm to room temperature and then shake/mix well before use.

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